Right from the cover, the material takes center stage in this graphic format we have developed for a series of catalogs aimed at designers. We have focused on ease of reference by creating highly recognizable graphic elements and selecting essential information for the cover and each internal section.

The product storytelling strategy alternates between photographic images (essential for conveying the authentic feel of ceramic material) and photorealistic renders, ideal for presenting the variety of applications and possible uses.





3D settings

The catalog opens with a captivating double-page image with an almost metaphysical cut: an original and intriguing way to discuss the various possible applications of the product. Following that, a more abstract image focused on the concept of material that underlies the catalog.

Product photography

For many ceramic products, such as those from Cercom, it is essential to combine 3D renders with real-life photography. Nothing captures the full qualities of the material and the visual and tactile richness of certain ceramic surfaces better than the shots taken inside our studio.