“Astra” is a full-body collection that required special treatment to highlight its various characteristics. From close-up images taken in real-life laboratories by UFO.ADV to 3D renders showcasing various applications, to the graphic storytelling layout, everything is designed to serve this purpose.

Among the distinctive features of the project, we should highlight the cutaway images, the info-graphics displaying formats and thicknesses, the macro images of materials interspersed with environments, and the narrative of the production cycle through photographs taken within the manufacturing facility.





3D settings

Designed and created by the UFO.ADV team, the photorealistic renders provide a comprehensive overview of the possibilities offered by the wide range of formats and thicknesses, along with precise stylistic and design characterization.

Product photography

From technical photos to macro images, real-life shots have proven indispensable in telling the story of a product like this.