The project for Fondovalle’s new website translates the company’s story into digital language through its collections and projects.

UFO.ADV’s work combined UX and graphic concept to create, through fully customized programming, a tailor-made WordPress theme from scratch.

Our web designers and web developers worked together to create an elegant and streamlined representation of the company, characterized by a limited color palette and elegant lines, with a particular focus on images.





An immersive slider showcases the latest product innovations and company environments. The collection search filter highlights material details and guides the user through a simple, clean, and intuitive iconography.

The narrative continues through two inspirational mood boards, one for MyTOP and one for SHAPE, Fondovalle’s two most significant projects.
The homepage concludes with an institutional video and a section for company news. The project is rounded off with a social wall dedicated to the company’s channels, effectively becoming a constantly moving inspirational mood board.

Within the website, there are two coordinated yet distinct sections that could function as two mini-sites, possibly with independent links, dedicated to MyTOP and Shape. The graphics maintain overall coordination but use colors aligned with the visual identity to emphasize the unique identity of each project.