A set of instruments designed in every aspect to highlight the unique features of a 100% full-body, homogeneous collection.

From the creativity for the launch with ‘chocolate bar’ effect sample and die-cut ‘storytelling’ fold-out, to the special set of images showing new features and applications. Alongside the catalogue, the images are accessible thanks to the digital smartgallery that allows customers and retailers to have all images and product information at their fingertips.





FMG Neogranito: the perfect merchandising for fullbody
FMG Neogranito: the perfect merchandising for fullbody
FMG Neogranito: the perfect merchandising for fullbody


To surprise and put an exclamation mark on the homogeneity of the slabs, Neogranito’s sample takes the shape of a chocolate bar. The fullbody allows unprecedented processing that offers new stimuli and solutions to planners and designers. The boxed set contains a sample of the material and a flyer describing the product through inspirations and technical characteristics.

FMG Neogranito: the perfect merchandising for fullbody


By framing a QR code from a smartphone or tablet, you access an intuitive slide-show, which aggregates and makes a wealth of information immediately accessible: photo galleries, videos, format sheets, products that can be combined or in-depth links. Smart Galleries are a tool designed and developed by UFO.ADV. Simple, immediate, scalable, they open up a potentially limitless in-depth digital space to any product. Find out all about smartgallery here.

3D settings

The 3D settings are specifically designed to document the particular texture of the product, through multiple different viewpoints and angles.
The settings show the possible applications made possible by full-thickness edge processing, including shelves, tables, bathroom tops and furnishing accessories. The contexts show floor and wall coverings in living, commercial and oudoor spaces.
3D renderings and real-life photographs were realised by our team, exploiting different skills and generating different operational synergies.