The Maxfine Open4You project has presented us with a significant and unprecedented challenge. A product launch from a distance and in the midst of a pandemic, with the goal of being able to excite by communicating the beauty of the five new Maxfine marbles and the extraordinary characteristics of this ceramic offering.

“Open4You” is the tagline that, even from a distance, ideally opens the doors of the company: a package sent to designers and clients, along with a series of multimedia presentations and meetings that leveraged the company’s digital platforms.






A unique and innovative item: five cards that allow the insertion of a material sample inside a sophisticated cardboard structure. When opened, it creates a three-dimensional environment. An immersive presentation with a wow factor that excites and generates interest, effectively compensating for the absence of a live event.

3D Settings

In addition to the classic 3D environments, which are already quite sophisticated, more abstract constructions are added to showcase the different facets of the product within original contexts that provide new interpretations of the large Maxfine slabs. The inclusion of exotic animals is a playful element that piques interest and curiosity. All the images were created by our team, utilizing various skills and generating different operational synergies.

Technical Sales Presentation

Iris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti have initiated a series of initiatives and support measures to solidify the company’s strong commitment, along with its close and distant partners, to continue their ongoing work, strengthening connections and collaborations.