We redesigned Maxfine’s 2023 product book to give continuity to the graphic design recently developed for the preview catalogue of the last Cersaie. It is a graphic concept marked by rigorous cleanliness, with large, mostly vertical images and large, elegant white passe-partouts framing those with a horizontal cut. Later, we adapted the same graphic format to the needs of the individual collection catalogue, such as Artstone, the first to be published.
In terms of internal architecture, the section presenting the product range has been placed before the photo gallery dedicated to the rooms. This inversion underlines the professional nature of this tool designed first and foremost for the company’s sales network. A choice also made possible by the digital album alongside the printed catalogue.





Maxfine General Catalog and Digital Magazine 2023: Strategic Integration

The flap on the cover makes clear the mixed nature of this innovative ceramic catalogue and intuitively explains the use of digital expansions in relation to the paper medium.. And not just on paper: thanks to our digital tools, any physical medium with a QR code (such as samples, panels, displays and Colour Range) can activate a digital Smart Gallery full of engaging and up-to-date content.

Digital magazine

An extensive gallery of set images related to the collections in the catalogue is accessible via QR code. This is a digital album optimised for desktops, tablets and smartphones, which not only allows the print version to be reduced in size (making it more environmentally and economically sustainable), but also to include in-depth links and to replace some images with evocative looping videos.

Even the large final section of the catalogue, dedicated to technical specifications and certifications, has been considerably lightened thanks to the opportunities offered by digital: the complete version is, in fact, easily accessible in a navigable and indexed PDF format and can always be accessed by scanning a QR code.