The Cersaie 2022 New Collections catalog by Cerdisa Ricchetti Group is built around a concept with multiple layers of interpretation, presenting the new collections through environments with metaphysical atmospheres.

To interpret all of this through a flip-through catalog that was both clear and enticing, we separated the storytelling from the presentation of the environments.





The system of geometric symbols that guides the presentation of the company and its products called for a graphic design that was somewhat unconventional by ceramic industry standards, almost resembling an artistic manifesto, with dominant lettering on white or gray backgrounds.
The section dedicated to ceramic environments has a purely photographic foundation, with the constant presence of white to balance the visual richness of the images. Thus, a large-format catalog is born, primarily consisting of text elements treated as graphic elements and visually impactful images.
After the new collections, the decorations are presented through what appear to be circular-shaped enlargements. A final section revisits company-related themes, presenting some distinctive assets of the Group, such as decorative technology or the new surface suitable for both outdoor and indoor floorings.
We translated the concept underlying the catalog into a video focused solely on corporate themes, shifting the ceramic product into the background to make room for GCR’s identity and distinctive advantages that cut across individual collections.