Combined with Maxfine’s General Catalogue 2023, a paper-based working tool rich in digital expansions, is the Color Range, an easy-to-consult deck of minimals that, in turn, can activate a digital Smart Gallery rich in additional, engaging, dynamic and easy-to-update content.





Synergy between Maxfine merchandising and smart gallery for an immersive and personalised experience

Color range

Each Colour Range card features the minimalist colour scheme of a single product, some basic information about the range, a set image and a QR code, scanning it gives access to a digital space with lots of content related to that particular product.

Sample case

Going hand in hand with the practical Colour Range is the sample case, designed with the same logic of full and synergetic interaction between physical support (the ceramic sample) and digital space for in-depth study. The ceramic samples carry a printed card on the back with an image of the graphic texture, some essential information about the available formats and finishes and a QR code linked to the Smart Gallery.

Digital tools for ceramics and interior design.

Thanks to the opportunities that the new digital tools make available to us, the QR codes on printed catalogues, graphic swatches and ceramic samples become the key to access a comprehensive digital space, infinitely expandable and always quickly updatable.