We collaborated on the rebranding of Verde 1999, which recently became part of the Romani Group. Among the objectives were to solidify the positioning in the mid-to-high-end segment and strengthen the presence in both domestic and export markets.
Verde 1999 chooses to emphasize its long-standing presence overseas through a strong emphasis on Italian identity.
The graphic redesign has affected the collection catalogs, the general catalog, and the catalog dedicated to outdoor products.
The new graphic format accompanies an essential storytelling comprised of visual suggestions and brief texts that, for each collection, evoke “an Italian story,” as the translation of the new slogan goes.


VERDE 1999



3D settings

The most significant work has been done at the visual level, imparting a stylistic, architectural, and formal transformation to the sets. Highly curated images emerge in every aspect, suspended between contemporary style and new classic, which enhance the ceramic product while expressing a distinct taste capable of conveying the quality of Made in Italy to an evolving market.

Product photography

The visual storytelling operates on the dual track of photorealistic 3D renders and photographic images taken in our in-house studio. This visual synergy manages to balance suggestions focused on interior design with images dedicated to accurately conveying the authentic feel of the ceramic surface, thanks to carefully planned shots that capture even the minutest material details.