The goal was to convey the visual and tactile power and richness of ceramic decoration on both print and the web. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to combine photorealistic 3D renders with real-life photography shots.

For a brand like Elios, the Love & Decors collection encapsulates the culture and tradition of ceramic decoration in a series centered around wallpaper-effect decorations. This versatile collection can be paired with all of the company’s products.





The catalog follows a unique and instantly recognizable visual format, which is also used to identify the collection on social media channels.

3D Settings

I render 3D mostrano il prodotto applicato a contesti sia residenziali che commerciali, sottolineando l’armonia e il mood emozionale delle diverse proposte.

Product Photography

Extensive use of real-life close-ups, captured in the Ufo.Adv photography studios, documents the richness of material executions, complementing the representation of renders.