Tadelakt has posed a dual challenge to be resolved through brochures, 3D environments, and photographic images.
First and foremost, there was the need to convey the exotic charm and material richness of a range of surfaces inspired by traditional Moroccan lime plaster.
Equally important was to provide a comprehensive representation of the stylistic and compositional possibilities of the material and its decorations, through a showcase of environments that demonstrated its applications.





3D settings

Targeting an international and sophisticated audience, the styling and architecture of the settings tell the story of a contemporary and captivating lifestyle, characterized by the exotic inspirations of an original and somewhat unique product.
The settings develop a rich sequence of layout ideas and solutions, highlighting the color combinations, surface patterns, and creative use of decorations and mosaics through compositions that enhance the characteristics of each individual space.

Product photography

Close-up photographic images complete the product representation. Real-life shots are indispensable and extraordinarily effective in documenting the authentic effect of ceramic material, where processes and applications convey the sensation of craftsmanship, with irregular undulations, color gradients, and lighting effects.

Smart gallery

An innovative service developed by Ufo.adv: the SMART GALLERY allows you to link any product displayed in a showroom, sample book, or catalog to a gallery of images and digital content that can be browsed with a smartphone or tablet.
By scanning a QR code, you can access an intuitive slide-show that aggregates and makes a wealth of information readily available: photo galleries, videos, size specifications, matching products, or in-depth links.
Simple, immediate, and scalable, Smart Galleries are a tool that opens up a potentially limitless digital space for in-depth exploration of any product.