Palladio is a complex project that has allowed us to leverage the agency’s extensive experience in ceramic technology, product representation, and the ability to synthesize sales arguments and unique factors.






Sought in paper, graphics, and packaging, the catalog is enhanced by die-cutting. Colors are displayed in large macros with the addition of objects that establish the correct proportion; other macros showcase the distinctive body of the ceramic. The focal point of the storytelling is the figure of Andrea Palladio, hence the refined graphic references to his renowned examples of Renaissance civil architecture.


To sample the product, we devised a tool that emphasized both the edge of the ceramic and its surface. It is a cardboard tube containing several material disks, accompanied by a kind of leaflet. A tool that, at reasonable costs, managed to combine functionality and originality.

3D settings

The 3D environments form a well-thought-out system of application contexts capable of exhaustively portraying the product and its application possibilities, including tables with exposed thickness. The 3D renders were designed to showcase the product up close, allowing for a better appreciation of the fine granulation that characterizes it.

Product photography and reportage

Palladio is an authentically full-body material, with variegated granules randomly distributed throughout the thickness of the slab, a characteristic that necessitated the inclusion of studio-shot photographs alongside the 3D environments. To highlight the uniqueness factors closely tied to the production technology, it was necessary to conduct a reportage within the production facility, capturing both images supporting technical advantages and emotional images reinforcing various concepts.

Web and virtual tour

The launch mini-site functions as a genuine product presentation.

From the mini-site, you can access a virtual tour of digitally explorable 360° environments, also viewable on mobile devices by utilizing the gyroscope.

Social contents

Often, to generate content for social media, one tends to draw from the collection catalog. In the case of Palladio, however, we created various dedicated content, such as new 3D images, short videos based on new footage, new real-life photos, and in-depth information about technical advantages.