The 2023 edition of FMG’s general catalog maintains the minimalist elegance of the previous one. This year, the cover features a chromatically neutral medium gray, with bold black lettering.

The reissue of this essential working tool for the entire sales network reinforces the graphic design criteria established in 2022: a slimmer introductory section, a corporate section dominated by black color, sans-serif white fonts, and large visually impactful images.

This new edition has given us the opportunity to rethink the synergy between the print and digital versions, introducing a new and highly useful accessory: the Color Range. It consists of a set of minimal samples accompanied by basic information about the range and a QR code, essential for accessing the digital Smart Gallery.





Smart Gallery

An innovative service developed by Ufo.adv: the SMART GALLERY allows you to link any product displayed in a showroom, sample collection, or catalog to a gallery of images and digital content that can be browsed with a smartphone or tablet.
By scanning a QR code, you can access an intuitive slideshow that aggregates and makes a wealth of information readily available: photo galleries, videos, size charts, matching products, or in-depth links.
Simple, immediate, scalable, Smart Galleries are a tool that opens up a potentially boundless digital space for in-depth exploration of any product.

Catalog and Color Range

In the catalog, the section dedicated to the product range is introduced with full-page samples and information about the series and individual colors, which are organized in a clearer and more intuitive manner.
The Color Range is a new tool that, when used in conjunction with the general catalog, allows you to quickly review the products, accompanied by minimal information about the range. Furthermore, a QR code allows you to access the Smart Gallery, the digital space we have developed to gather a wealth of additional information about that specific product.
Color Range and Smart Gallery are innovative tools that, together with the printed catalog, take the synergy between physical media and digital enhancements to a new level that is truly smart: not only user-friendly but also tailored to the user’s needs.