FAP asked us to redesign their merchandising catalog with the goal of streamlining the collection of displays and creating an interactive digital tool.





The strategy we proposed to the client is based on dividing the catalog into three sections, which helps avoid the repetition of certain information, such as the measurements of the displays. The first part is dedicated to the ‘FAP System,’ a collection of display solutions (including communication materials) with different sizes, ranging from compact compositions (‘size S’) to fully accessorized proposals (‘size XL’).

The second section delves into the details of individual display tools, all of which are modular and can be combined. Each display is accompanied by the necessary information to assess its dimensions, capacity, and cost. The last part of the catalog is dedicated to the collections. Here, a navigable index allows for easy navigation from one series to another.

Graphic design

Each collection is introduced with a kind of cover that summarizes the available tabletop tools: catalog, color chart, tile sample box, and countertop displays for corners.
Following the kits through which one can sample the series: combinations of displays, ceramic pieces, and graphic panels.


The catalog is digital and fully navigable, starting from the general index at the beginning. A navigation bar at the bottom of each page helps users understand the section they are in and navigate between sections quickly and intuitively.

3D settings

We proposed to the client to contextualize the systems and individual displays by placing them within photorealistic 3D environments. Compared to other styles, such as drawings or renders placed in abstract architectures, this solution helps appreciate their quality and imagine them within a real showroom. For the tabletop tools, on the other hand, we imagined setting up the same work surface in a different way each time.