Dust is a major ceramic design project. Pure matter taking on shape and color, opening up endless possibilities of composition. The challenge was to translate the surfaces and their potential into a narrative of images, graphics, and words.





Materials and colors come together, multiplying their evocative power. Real photography, graphic design, and 3D images explore their emotions and vibrations. A structured and rhythmic narrative scheme, to experience the magic of each color and its ability to make any environment unique.

A spectacular brochure complemented by a practical section dedicated to laying patterns. The UFO.ADV team, including an architect, stylist, and graphic designer, has created 40 illustrations with a carefully selected range of replicable themes, complete with percentages.

Render 3D

The interpretation of a versatile and rich product like Dust, to translate its potential into a narrative of realistic and captivating environments, is at the heart of the project. The nature and type of environments, the selection of colors, shapes, and laying patterns to be included, have been the subject of careful and rational study. Photorealistic rendering, the engaging vitality of lighting, and the diverse stylistic personalities are the result of collaboration between 3D artists, set designers, light designers, and post-producers.

Product photography

The real-life photography taken in our studios integrates and completes the representation of the product offered by 3D renders. The photography sets were designed to be complementary to the renders, both in poses and in the choice of objects. Close-up shots and grazing lights aim to depict the material in its most authentic and engaging essence.