For the new products that MAXFINE presented at Cersaie 2023, we continued the strategy identified the year before, to propose the ceramic product in a new light, narrating immersive atmospheres.

The strategic research and communication work, which started in 2022, has been enriched with new room concepts, original and distinctive, capable of engaging and exciting. Each product is a ‘story’ visualised by a photographic reportage in sophisticated suites, tailored to the characteristics and textures of each product. In addition to the 3D environments, we studied the graphic design and the production of the studio photographs of the catalogue, also taking care of the storytelling and technical texts.





MaxFine Cersaie 2023: graphic design and ceramic merchandising

Catalogo interattivo e merchandising

Alongside the printed catalogue lives an interactive digital version, offering a decidedly more engaging experience, with pages animated by timed graphic effects and video clips. An innovative tool full of possibilities, which reinvents the traditional PDF by putting the user at the centre. In continuity with the other tools, we also dealt with creative merchandising by designing a sample holder made up of two cardboard boxes. As was the case for the catalogue cover, for the two caskets we proposed to the customer a pulp paper rich in both colour and graphics, with texts printed in glossy black.

MaxFine Cersaie 2023: graphic design and ceramic merchandising

3D settings

Each suite is dedicated to a product, each is like a story suspended in time, narrated in its facets from multiple angles, with different lighting situations. Realised in photorealistic computer graphics, these 3D environments tastefully combine surfaces, architecture and a few, carefully selected furnishings, including some novelties that we enjoyed while visiting Milan Design Week 2023. Maxfine’s suites offer an ideal balance between today’s trendy conceptual settings and more furnished environments that are perfectly in tune with their function. The aim is to enhance the product and excite with architecture, atmosphere and design.