The comprehensive restyling of Caesar USA’s product catalogs, initiated a couple of years ago, enters a new decisive phase. Just as before, the collection videos have been redesigned to maintain continuity between the two communication tools. The visual communication of the brand based in Tennessee is further refined, updating both the photographic and graphic language and establishing its own identity characterized by the perfect harmony of two stylistic and lifestyle sensibilities: the American and the Italian.





Video for Waves collection

The video format includes introductory video clips that present the sources of inspiration for a given collection. The narrative continues by reviewing the colors through a series of applied contexts. Towards the end, the different environments allow highlighting some peculiarities of the series, such as formats, surface finishes, or decorations. Finally, the video concludes with a summary screen displaying the composition of the collection.

Video for Nature collection

Video for Aextra20 collection

3D Settings

For this further evolution of Caesar USA’s catalogs, we have adjusted the stylistic approach of the environments we created using photorealistic 3D rendering technology. Each image should suggest this new style, in perfect balance between Italian and American tastes, immersed in credible contexts where ceramics make the difference both aesthetically and technically.