In preparation for the launch of a travertine effect ceramic collection, Caesar asked us to handle the production of the images required to tell the story of this timeless look. In doing so, we adhered to the established graphic format, paying special attention to the composition of the images we created and their sequence, to achieve a visually pleasing and engaging rhythm when flipping through the catalog. The idea that guided us in this project was to modernize the product, turning it into a timeless and contemporary design surface, one that is both natural and architectural, textured and refined.






The video we produced for this collection blends stock clips and 3D rendered videos to captivate while also inform. The goal was to condense the product story in just over a minute, highlighting the existence of two aesthetic aspects, the range’s capabilities, and its potential applications.

Social Clips

The product storytelling for social media adopted a fresh and lively language aimed at engaging the user with quick product overviews divided by color. Drawing from the corporate video style, these short clips develop their content vertically, relying solely on images to captivate Instagram users.

3D settings

For this catalog, we designed and rendered numerous photorealistic 3D environments, aiming to highlight the product’s aesthetic qualities, its potential applications, and the distinctive style that characterizes the brand in sophisticated, evolving designs.