The graphic format of these collection catalogs is designed to enhance the distinct personalities of diverse collections while making their structure and characteristics comprehensible and intuitive. Some initial double pages are dedicated to telling the inspiration behind the collection and providing an overview that is helpful for navigating through the catalog. This initial section highlights the key features of the product, combining brief texts with specially designed images, such as 3D still life compositions that showcase the collection’s composition.





3D settings and Photography

The design of 3D settings and photorealistic perspectives is at the core of every ceramic visual storytelling project, as it allows for the utmost freedom in combining colors, patterns, and materials. This phase of the work sees the agency and the company’s marketing team working closely together to provide the most effective representation of the product from both an aesthetic and technical perspective. The first step of the project involves the UFO.ADV team working on layout schemes and the sequence of images to create a detailed illustration of the compositional possibilities and the material’s overall feel.

Product photography

The real-life photographs taken in our in-house studio by the agency’s team are an invaluable visual complement to the photorealistic 3D renders. In addition to the extreme design freedom that the latter provides, they also have the extraordinary ability to capture the chromatic and material qualities of the surface.