Elios Ceramica showcased a completely revamped booth at Cersaie 2022, which was conceived and designed by UFO.ADV. To define the concept of the new setup, we started with the idea of using the facades to convey a brief message, with lettering so monumental that it becomes an architectural structure. This theme is also reflected inside, where letters of more moderate but still remarkable sizes highlight the new collections being presented.





The product display takes place on raised platforms and on overlapping walls with oblique cuts, which are also reflected in the small tiles summarizing the color range inside the synoptic panels. Here, the idea of rounding the corners using waterjet cutting clearly separates the color palette from the formats, which are displayed in a single hue.
The setup is characterized by a highly scenic vegetal element, used both as a railing and as a dividing backdrop. It is an internally illuminated showcase containing a composition of large green leaves.
A ceramic booth is an architectural structure that must achieve multiple purposes. It must showcase a certain number of ceramic surfaces in a clear and evocative manner, convey a message consistent with the brand’s identity, welcome visitors and offer them one or more exhibition paths, provide people with a comfortable working space, and offer a place to refresh. Designing a trade show booth is a complex activity that calls upon all the experience that UFO.ADV has gained in 15 years of specialized work in the ceramic sector.