These essential working tools have been radically redesigned: in the layout of the introductory section dedicated to the brand and general product characteristics, in the presentation of various collections, and in the system of visual indices, which provide quick and intuitive exploration cues.
From a graphic perspective, the evolution already experimented with in the most recent line catalogs is consolidated, oriented towards an image that is more carefully styled and refined in terms of taste, aligning with the best expressions of Italian ceramic design.





For both catalogs, we proposed a cover with a distinctive material texture to the client, featuring fold-out tabs dedicated to the most frequently consulted indices, ensuring they are always easily accessible during browsing.

3D settings

The redesign of the catalogs and the need to ensure stylistic consistency also involved the reconstruction of numerous 3D environments for collections already in the product range. This way, even the older collections are revitalized with updated visuals that match the quality of the new series.