We have redesigned the booth with which Sintesi Ceramica welcomed visitors to Cersaie 2023. The concept that guided the design phase was “Think outside the box.” Just like a container that was as neutral as possible, we conceived the exhibition space: an airy black box with ceramic products as the only source of material and color inspiration.

A minimalistic architecture supported by lightweight and slender triliths, organized along strict lines and in archetypal forms, furnished with slender and functional metal frames. The dark color allowed precise control of the light sources, while the discreet tone-on-tone communication preserved the overall cleanliness of the structure.

In addition to the architecture, we designed and created a new exhibition system based on metal tubular structures to which we attached both the presented ceramic surfaces and the communication, also aligned with the essentiality that characterizes the entire booth.

Our project also includes the work tables, characterized by the presence of ceramic products and a central section dedicated to captivating visitors with mood boards designed as a collection of objects and materials with seductive geometric rigor.

In record time, the booth was digitized into an immersive virtual tour, explorable through a dense network of position points. Each element of interest was equipped with a multimedia information link to allow users to delve deeper into the collections presented at the booth.





Digital tour